Doral Arrowwood Teambuilding Activities

Break down walls and build bridges with a Doral Arrowwood teambuilding session! We take communication to a new level by offering a choice of progressive group activities. Sign up for Project Excel or Paintball during your next visit here and see the results back at the office. Call Doral Arrowwood's Sports Center at (914) 935-6687 to make arrangements.

Project Excel
Project Excel is an adventure based, teambuilding program that is facilitated outside the traditional classroom. It utilizes initiatives designed to increase team awareness and effectiveness. The ultimate goal of Excel is to develop high performing teams. Training takes place on site at Doral Arrowwood and may utilize our low ropes course. We also offer indoor programs during inclement weather. Full or half day programs are available.

Doral Arrowwood has successfully hosted many Fortune 500 companies and helped to improve their team effectiveness. See what we can do for you! Your safety is our prime concern. All equipment is regularly tested and all facilitators are CPR certified.

Adventure based training is a form of Experiential learning, which simply is learning through experience. Project Excel places individuals into situations where they, with their team, experience team-building techniques. Discussions follow their experience, where the "real learning" takes place.

The key components to teambuilding are cooperation, trust, communication, conflict management, problem solving, decision making, and listening.

The Needs Assessment is one of the most critical parts of the Project Excel program because it identifies the specific collaborative skills that the company and its individuals feel need improvement within their group. A needs assessment will often involve a phone conversation with the contact person, or if time allows a full interview.

Doral Arrowwood continues to enhance and expand our range of activities for conference guests. Operated by Cousin's Paintball of Long Island on our own 114-acre property, Paintball provides the ideal environment for teams to develop.

What is Paintball? You and your team, armed with paint pistols, will make your way across a wooded field and try to capture your opponent's flag and bring it back to your base for victory. You can mark your opponents out of the game with the squeeze of a trigger and a well placed splat of paint. But they will try to stop you and capture your flag instead. And YOU may be the one splatted! But don't worry, the paint is harmless and you'll get plenty of chances to play.

Let us show you how your company's participation can build camaraderie and team spirit among your work force and management groups. Introduce your employees to paintball and watch how: trust is built; leadership emerges; individual and team cooperation develops; strategy planning and follow through evolve; effective communication grows; and decision making under pressure and contingency planning arise, all in the name of fun!

Call Doral Arrowwood's Sports Center at (914) 935-6687 for prices. Games require minimum of 20 participants and a maximum of 50 per game.