Doral Arrowwood Spa Packages

If life is a three ring circus, then the Macci Health Circus at Doral Arrowwood is the fourth ring - that newly-discovered magical place where the sense of joy commingles with the science of healthy pleasure.

Bring us your body, lend us your mind and we will return a refreshed you - a revitalized spirit to help you juggle and improve your balancing act the next time the spotlight shines on you.

The Macci Health Circus is an American Spa available Saturdays, Sundays and special occasions at Doral Arrowwood. For reservations and information call (914) 323-5594. From inside the property call Extension #5594.  

Wraps, Rubs and Rubbish:

Wraps: Aromatherapy, Seaweed, the Peppermint Twist Bubblewrap and Fire & Ice. Range from $75.00-$115.00
Rubs: Massages, including Swedish, Sport, Traditional, Shiatsu, Thai, Reflexology and Cranial Sacral. Range from $75.00-$115.00
Rubbish: Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures and The Four Paw Tango.

Body Parts:
Facials: From basic to exotic including the reprechage four layer facial. 
Biolift Treatments

Spa Packages:
The Body Meltdown $250.00
Full Body Massage * Sea Salt Body Scrub * Aromatherapy Body Wrap * Basic "Face It" Facial * Paraffin Fondue.
The Body Meltdown with Finishing School
Full Body Massage; Sea Salt Body Scrub; Aromatherapy Body Wrap; Basic "Face It" Facial; Parrafin Fondue; Four Paw Tango (for nails). $300.
The Body Glow $175.00
Sea Salt Body Scrub * Aromatherapy Body Wrap * Basic "Face It" Facial * Paraffin Fondue.
The $300.00 Rub Down
Five 1 hour massages. We suggest a variety pack: Swedish, CranioSacral, Sport, Shiatsu and Reflexology.

Feeling tired and worn out from too much work and no play? Then it's time to let one of Doral Arrowwood's certified massage therapists sooth your aching body with a half or full hour session. Settle back and feel the stress melt away in one of our private massage rooms, conveniently located in our Sports Center.You'll be back on your feet and ready to face the world again in no time!

Prices are $75.00 per hour, $40.00 per half hour. Massages are available through our Sports Center by appointment. Call (914) 935-6687 for reservations.

Personal Trainers
Looking to give your body a healthy new lease on life? Make a fresh start by setting up an appointment with one of Doral Arrowwood's personal trainers.Your
One-on-One Personal Training Sessions will sculpt your body into shape in no time. Enjoy the luxury of personalized attention while using our Sports Center's state-of-the-art fitness equipment. 

Prices are $60.00 per hour for members and $65.00 per hour for non-members and resort guests. Call (914) 935-6687 to set up an appointment today.