Doral Arrowwood Fitness Equipment
Whether you're a hotel guest or a club member, if you're looking to shape up, Doral Arrowwood is the place to be. Our Sports Center offers a full range of free weights and machines for muscle toning and development. And to help you make the most of your time, our workout area features a cardio theatre system that allows you to watch TV or listen to music while you exercise. Experience our full-body workout…and you'll discover a healthier, new you before you know it.

Doral Arrowwood's Sports Center offers the following fitness equipment:
• Cardiovascular Equipment
• Free Weights/Dumbbells and Circuit Training Machines
• Life Cycles and Stairmasters
• Precore Elliptical Trainers
• Nordic Track
• Treadmillls

Need some assistance getting the best workout possible on our fitness equipment? Our Personal Trainers will be pleased to assist you with one-on-one training. Call our Sports Center at (914) 935-6687 to make an appointment.