Doral Arrowwood Raquetball and Squash
If racquetball or squash are your games, then come check out Doral Arrowwood's courts! Our property offers guests the choice of two racquetball courts and one squash court, located inside our state-of-the-art Sports Center.

While our concealed racquetball court offers privacy if you're learning to master your game, our glass tournament court displays your expertise for all the world to see. A comfortable sitting area is conveniently located outside our glass court and is the perfect spot for friends to watch your game. Doral Arrowwood's racquetball courts are also equipped for walleyball playing (indoor volleyball).

At Doral Arrowwood, squash enthusiasts can also satisfy their penchant to play. Located inside our Sports Center, our squash court features an overlook balcony for spectators.

To set up an appointment for a game of racquetball, squash or walleyball, please contact our Sports Center at (914) 935-6687.