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Doral Arrowwood, For Outside-the-Box Westchester Retreats & Meetings

Situated on 114 wooded acres in the enclave of Rye Brook village in Westchester County, New York, Doral Arrowwood  is the perfect place for Westchester NY meetings executive getaways, and company retreats. Inspire your troops and promote teamwork and productivity through our creative and challenging team-building activities, both indoors and outdoors. Treat your colleagues to our fresh approach to the Westchester retreat experience, from paintball and adventure games to outings on our championship level nine-hole golf course.

For more information on all of our team building programs call: Michelle Powers at 1-203-730-0606.

New Health & Wellness Corporate Team Building by Blum Center for Health

Menu of Blum Center for Health Corporate Mind-Body Skills Team Building & Group Activities - We partner with Blum Center for Health, to provide your team with a health supportive, educational and deliciously energized group experience. 

Blum Center for Health Culinary Team Offerings

Wellness Cooking Class - Working together in the kitchen to prepare a meal will give your team the opportunity to learn valuable nutrition and cooking skills, while also fostering a sense of community and team work. 

Mind Body Relaxation Skills for Individual & Team Wellness - Relaxation skills can help you feel better, improve your memory, focus and concentration and enhance your team’s ability to work well together. Join us for an experiential program that will teach you and your team the basics of these skills and help to improve team communication, mutual respect and understanding.

Self Care Skills for Success: Mind Body Relaxation & Cooking -  Join us for a team building program that combines two critical self care skills: tools for relaxation to help with stress management and skills in the kitchen to learn how to eat for better health. Self Care Skills for Success is the most powerful team building plus health promotion combination we offer.

Experiential Team Building by   True North Team Building

Project Excel.  Take a break from the meeting room with our enriching team building programs. Looking to get a team or group to work together more effectively? We offer a wide range of experiential team building activities, to help with collaboration, bonding, productivity, creativity, motivation and more.  Based on your goals, theses activities can be as fun or as serious as you need them to be.

Menu of True North Team Building and Team Recreation Offerings  - We partner with True North Team Building, LLC, to provide your team with a wide range of experiential team building programs, recreational activities and topical learning and development programs. Consider these great team building offerings:

Team Recreation- Want to recharge your team or group’s batteries, boost morale or simply have a break in between meetings?  We offer some fun and spirited activities that can regenerate the team.  Check out our range of activities:

The Doral Arrowwood Remarkable Race   

See which team can accumulate the most points as they navigate through roadblocks and detours, with a few object retrievals, photo ops and trivia questions thrown in.  Easily customized to your organization or meeting theme.

Tailgating Olympics  - New!

Teams participate in a wide range of sports activities such as Volleyball, Kan Jam, Corn Hole, Bocce, Soccer, etc.  We add in a touch of  “field day” activities for a perfect combination of competition. This activity can be structured in a wide variety of ways.

Office Olympics 

Teams compete for “Olympic” Gold by participating in a wide range of activities, utilizing items found in an office.

Live Action {Video} Game (LAVG)   New!

We immerse your team into a real, live game structured much like a video game.  Borrowing from the principles of ‘gamification,’ team members develop their individual avatars, and are then challenged to work through ten levels as quickly and efficiently as they can.  There is something for everyone, as many skills are needed to succeed in making it all the way through the game; leveraging each participant’s strengths is key.  The program features unlocking levels, achieving goals, and taking on a variety of challenges.

 Nighttime Networking

Networking  Lounge   - New!

We convert the hotel ballroom into a Networking Lounge for your team to relax and mingle, while enjoying appetizers and/or cocktails, chatting and playing a variety of games such as: billiards, ping pong, foosball, corn hole, Wii Bowling or Tennis, air hockey, pop-a-shot, darts, etc. We also play some lively music. This activity can be a great before or after dinner activity and a great way to promote organic networking.

Speedy Networking

Much like “Speed Dating,” large groups spend time getting to know each other in a quick, efficient and structured manner.  The questions posed bring out similarities, differences and some surprising and interesting stories.  This activity is perfect for new hires, new teams, new clients and geographically dispersed teams who are getting to know each other. 

  Texas Hold ‘Em  Poker      

This program can be structured in a number of different ways, including Free Play, for experienced poker players.  We can have a session or table for novices to learn how to play this very popular poker game with professional dealers teaching the strategies and tactics.  Or, as tournament play with winners at the end of the night.  Either way, this is an exciting and fun-filled card game.

  Casino Night

Bring the atmosphere of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo to your next meeting with the True North Casino Night.  Choose from popular casino games such as:  Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Texas Hold ‘Em and other poker games.

Trivia Night/Pub Quiz  – New!

Our Quizmaster provides questions, fun and commentary in a multi-round and multi-format version of Trivia, covering topics such as entertainment, history, sports, geography, general knowledge, and more.  It’s also possible to customize one round to your organization or industry.  Prizes are optional.

  The Boardgame Olympics    - New!

Teams compete in fast or hybrid versions of classic board games, such as Yahtzee, Candyland, Operation, Scattegories, Connect Four, Battleship or Chutes & Ladders . The winning team, from each pod, move to a semi-final round and then the winners move on to the final, rousing round, of Giant Jenga or Operation!

  Puzzlemaster Challenge  – New!

Our Puzzlemaster Challenge is a great tabletop networking activity. Teams work together to solve a variety of puzzles, in a series of timed rounds. Teams will be encouraged to leverage each other’s strengths with the series of puzzles and other challenges they will be tasked with solving. Challenges include: logic puzzles, spatial reasoning quizzes, riddles, brainteasers, and many other types of thought-provoking challenges. This program is a lot of fun for competitive groups. It is possible to theme a puzzle or two to your organization.

The Who Dunnit Murder Mystery  – New!

This is a whole new approach to interactive and experiential dining.  With a selection of plotlines and approaches to serve a variety of groups, we’ll bring a highly entertaining “who dunnit?” to your next team dinner or event. From strategies gone awry, to lies exposed in public, to peoples’ secrets being revealed, all the elements that would violate social conventions are fodder for your entertainment.

 Experiential Team Building

Experiential Challenges  

Participants work through a series of initiatives chosen specifically to encourage the group to move beyond their ”comfort zone” and explore current “ways of working,” to drive better performance or incremental improvements within the group.  Highly customized to the group. 

  Team “BUILDS    – Bridge , Boat  or Bicycle  Builds

“BUILD” activities are engaging and hands-on, encouraging creativity, collaboration and out of the box thinking. All the activities are designed to be inclusive, tapping into each individual’s and each team’s strengths, encouraging teamwork and communication. 

Chain Reaction

Collaboration, diversity of thinking and interdependencies are the names of the game as teams are tasked to work together to ensure a full Chain Reaction occurs by moving an object from one side of a large room to another, using a collection of every day objects. 

Deconstruction Zone   New!

This program is the antithesis of a “build.” In fact, teams are tasked with taking an everyday object entirely apart. It can be a product from your organization or simply an everyday object (such as a small appliance). Once the object is apart the team can opt to either photograph all the pieces in the unique layout they create, or build something completely new with the pieces. This is an amazing discovery program that allows for free-thinking, understanding how things fit together, freedom to choose, and problem-solving.

Launch It!

Each team uses their combined creative brainpower to build a catapult while making decisions around investments in market research, equipment and inter-team collaboration. The task is further complicated by a limited budget, multiple scenarios and a tight time frame (sound familiar?!). The activity has multiple levels adding to the challenge and fun. The pressure to perform is high, but so are the laughs as each team attempts to win new customers while maximizing profits and launching objects far into the distance.

 Culinary Team Building 

The Doral Arrowwood ‘Iron Chef’ Competition  

Utilizing the Doral Arrowwood state of the art executive kitchen, teams can either compete or collaborate to create a meal for judging, prior to enjoying a meal together. 

  Chef's Tasting Table - A Private Dining Event

Your group will have a front row seat watching and engaging with our resident wine experts, Executive Chef and his team as they prepare a six-course chef's tasting menu with wine pairings. Your guests will be both entertained and educated as our culinary team takes the seasonal and farm fresh ingredients and crafts them into a fine dining experience.

  Wellness Cooking Class  

Working together in the kitchen to prepare a meal will give your team the opportunity to learn valuable nutrition and cooking skills, while also fostering a sense of community and team work. 

Icing on the Cake   : A Cake {or Cupcake} Decorating Competition  

This activity is a great way to enjoy dessert and improve morale!  Teams work together to plan, design, shape and decorate cakes or cupcakes. Which cake will be “too nice to slice?!”

Bar Wars: A Cocktail-Making Competition  

Take one part cocktail history, mix with the latest cocktail trends, add in a bit of collaboration and you have “Bars Wars: A Cocktail-Making Competition.” Participants are challenged with coming up with the best tasting, best looking concoction - cocktail or mocktail.

Sangria Making Contest  

This event encourages the mixture and collaboration of people, wine and fresh ingredients. The Signature Sangria is crafted from the selection of wine, fruits, herbs and spices, and other ingredients we provide.  The judges, from our team or yours, will decide which Signature Sangria “reigns supreme.”


The Exquisite Mural   – New!

Much like a game played by Parisian artists in the early 1900s, participants work together to create a collaborative mural, made up of multiple canvases.  The team is given an overall theme from which to develop a story, one canvas at a time.  This program is a great way to work creatively with others.

  Rhythm Jam   – New!

Percussion is often seen as the backbone or foundation of music, but what happens from there is an incredible example of teamwork.  Utilizing a diverse selection of drums and other percussion instruments (bongos, djembes, cymbals, cowbells, and more!) participants learn a range of drumming techniques from a professional drum instructor.  Techniques can include such things as specific rhythms, layering rhythms, call and response and more. The program culminates in each small team demonstrating their new drumming knowledge before busting into a powerful group jam session.  No prior drumming experience is required. 

Hootenanny - Open Mic Night   – New!

A Hootenanny is an informal performance by folk singers, typically with participation by the audience. True North Team Building will organize the performer/s while participants volunteer to come up on stage to sing their favorite songs (either accompanied or not). The audience gets into the act as well, with percussion instruments and singing along. What’s great about a Hootenanny is you can engage as much or as little as you would like, and it is great fun for everyone.

 CSR/Charity Team Building

Backpacks for Success  – New!

This feel good program gets teams moving and motivated while helping underprivileged school kids get much-needed school supplies.  This program is a great addition to any team meeting.

  Art Kits for Kids  – New!

The Arts are an area in education that can help close the gap between high- and low-income students’ academic achievement.  Support the Arts by making Art Kits for Kids.  Your team will create wonderful Art Kits through friendly arts and crafts-related competitions that will earn the art supplies that go into the kits.  True North will help locate a deserving organization of these very creative kits, if you don’t already have one in mind.

Brilliant Bicycle Build  

Teams collaborate while having fun and helping others at the same time. The goal is for teams to put bikes together for deserving children, many whom have never had their own bike, in the allotted time with instructions and tools provided. 

Red Wagon Build

Give back to the community and build team camaraderie by cheering up hospitalized children with little

red wagons filled with stuffed animals, small toys, books, writing supplies, gift certificates, etc. 

Corporate Portrait  
Bring out the inner creativity of your organization by engaging teams as they create the company's "portrait" or have them take a new approach to the company logo.  A charitable version of this activity can also be arranged with a local hospital by having teams create a child-friendly painting that then gets donated and displayed in the children's wing.  Teams each take a piece of the portrait or the logo, and have to ensure that their section matches up with the other teams sections.  It is truly a team effort.  The final work of art can be proudly displayed in the lobby of the office or a conference room.


Offering Multi-Day Meeting suggestions for your next Team Meeting or Offsite

  Examples of Possible Multi-Day Meeting Agendas:

Sales Team Meetings   - DiSC® Workshop, Influencing Skills, Negotiation Skills, Diversity & Inclusion, Presentation Skills, Professional Etiquette, Golf Clinic & Tournament
Global Team Meeting  -  Speedy Networking / Networking Lounge, Shore to Shore Bridge Build, Dynamics of Virtual Teams, Belbin® Team Roles, Wines of the World Tasting, Doral Arrowwood Remarkable Race or Game Show
New Team Offsite  -  GRPI, DiSC® Workshop, Experiential Challenges, Effective Communication, Tailgating Olympics, Evening Fire Pit with S'Mores

In addition, we offer custom sessions led by our outstanding facilitators for:  Employee Engagement, Innovation Brainstorming, On-Boarding, Intern Orientation, Strategic Planning Sessions, College Orientation, Teacher & Administrator Development Days and more.
For assistance with Team Building Events or more meeting ideas contact Michelle Powers directly at 1-203-730-0606.

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